The Giving Tree

“Put up a tree.”  It was a quiet “God-whisper,” and I heard it in the fall of 2020. A couple on my street has put up a real Christmas tree every year, outside, on their front lawn. It is positioned so they can view it perfectly from their living room and of course, all passersby enjoy it too. […]

Ministry With People and Families Affected By Disability

As a parent of twins with disabilities, and an expert in the field of disability studies, Andrea Foster offers a unique perspective on the Church and disability. In this seminar Andrea will provide practical ministry tools and answer some key questions regarding disability ministry within the Church context. Topics discussed include: How leaders can support and include people with disabilities

Everybody Fits – A Kids Talk

In this talk, Andrea uses a jigsaw puzzle to represent the Body of Christ. She uses her own family’s experience with disability to explain that even though each person in their home are all very different from each other, they all fit in. Just like the pieces of a puzzle, each one is unique and each one of them belongs.

On-going Season, Unchanging God

This is the story of a family whose life has not been what they expected. In this talk Andrea shares the story of how life changed dramatically in 2004 when her five-month- old twin girls were diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. She describes the initial shock of the diagnosis, the fear, confusion, exhaustion, desperation and the distance she felt from

Unexpected Gifts (A Christmas message)

Dreams, hopes, and expectations; disappointments, tragedies, and pain – we all have them. In this talk, Andrea shares vulnerably how she and her husband continue to find strength, wisdom and courage to carry on as they raise their family, with disability at the forefront. Andrea describes the unexpected gifts God has given along this journey and encourages

The “Reserved For” Sign

There is a saying when it comes to people with disabilities and making accommodations for them.“Nothing about us without us.” What this means is when something in society causes a person with a disability to be excluded, those people trying to make the accommodations should consider

Christmas 2015: Family Update

Dreams, hopes and expectations; we all have them. But we also have disappointments, tragedies, and pain, don’t we? We know that God is a giver of good gifts and He is continually surprising our family and blessing us in unexpected ways. Here are our family updates…

Follow up to 100 Huntley Street

It’s not every day I get to speak about disability ministry and perhaps my nerves kept me from saying a few things I thought I could have.

I firmly believe ALL people belong in the Church, the community of believers, the fellowship, the Body of Christ. However without going out and inviting such persons and their families,